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Your donation to Hoosier Voices Foundation is an investment, in Indiana, for the mobilization of informed and engaged citizens who are dedicated to safeguarding freedom, individual rights, and constitutional liberties.


By supporting our mission, you are directly contributing to the promotion of education and the dissemination of knowledge.


Your contribution helps us continue to provide valuable resources, organize forums, panels, lectures, and publications that empower individuals to protect the rights and privileges guaranteed by our fundamental documents of this state and this country.

Every donation furthers the cause of liberty and helps create a more vibrant and resilient society where personal freedoms are cherished.


Join us in this endeavor, and together, we can make a lasting impact on the preservation of our founding fathers' values and the education that fuels mobilization for positive change in Indiana.


You may also mail your donation to:

Hoosier Voices Foundation

PO Box 760

Milford, IN 46542


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